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If  you change the culture, you will change de results!

Our sustainable cultural development programs are based on the powerful, people oriented and accountability driven philosophies and theories of The Arbinger Institute and Culture Partners.

For many years we advise, coach and support (international) companies by offering our expertise through consultancy, coaching, training programs, masterclasses and bestseller management books.

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Team Ownpower

Mindset matters!
Outward Mindset

Mindset is the basis for our behavior, the basis for how we work in our work. Is that from an Internal Mindset where we focus on our own interests, goals, challenges? Where we might be guided by our fears as positional preservation and want to be seen? How different if we work from an External Mindset: we also have an eye for the interests and goals of others, and we take this into account when we implement our own roles. Dive into the powerful and people-oriented Arbinger philosophy and application that has proven its impact for almost 30 years and is offered by us in NL.


Accountability or Ownership means that each pro actively contributes to the results that the organization has in mind. How do you get that far? Give real direction, often by making choices and limiting the direction to what really matters. Share this, and if everyone knows where the organization is on the way, it's time for everyone's active contribution. Step out of the separation between thinking and doing in your organization and mix these two at the various levels. Read more about this proven approach, developed by Partners In Leadership 30 years ago and marketed by us in NL.

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Management Books

For both Accountability programs and Mindset change programs we offer various management books, both in Dutch and in English.